Airy and feminine tully dresses versus courage, force and bravery. That is probably the best definition of the Vionnet Paris fashion show presenting Spring-Summer 2018 collection during prestigious Milan Fashion Week.

Apart from breathtaking, fabulous outfits presented by Vionnet, there also was an INGLOT accent that made the whole look full and ready for next season. This cosmetic company once again joined Big Four of Fashion Weeks. This time, in the world's fashion capital, INGLOT Manicure Artists took care of perfect nails for 40 models. The event took place in a special location – at Santa Maria delle Grazie church in Milan with the legendary Last Supper fresco painted by Leonardo da Vinci, who is today one of the greatest inspirations for Vionnet Paris designers.

„This collection presents strong, brave outfits. The music is pathetic and the location - amazing. Manicure needs to be feminine, subtle and timeless” - said Goga Ashkenazi, main designer and managing director of Parisian Vionnet. She also added that the main assumption is to achieve an effect of healthy-looking nails. There was no need to wonder long – she knew from the very beginning that INGLOT O2M Breathable Nail Enamels would fit perfectly. Goga, together with INGLOT Pro Manicure Team, have chosen nail enamel in 602 used with O2M Breathable Base as well as Breathable Top Coat. The final effect was really subtle, delicate and – as assumed – femininely.

Expressive, extraordinary dresses and the subtle manicure? Why not?! Goga Vionnet wanted to show an independent and strong woman and a warrior in one person. Inspired by Japanese Bushido, better known as samurai’s way of life, she wanted to show women’s bravery. Vionnet woman has a lot in common with Japanese samurai: she is brave, persistent, faithful, self-improvement as well as delicacy and sensualism.

This show was the second where Vionnet successfully cooperated with INGLOT during Milan Fashion Week. What is more, they already announced that INGLOT Pro Makeup Team will also be the manicure partners next season!

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