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How it works

MotorMax is an intelligent and innovative insurance product aimed at drivers aged from 18-30. It is especially designed to put you in control of your motor insurance premium as your driving performance can help you save money on your insurance. The concept is simple-we’ll install a telematics device in your car. This device will inform us about how well you drive by giving us your MotorMax Factor.


  • Safe drivers can benefit from a maximum of 25% discount on their insurance premiums upon renewal

  • Car can be localised in case of theft and accident

  • Immediate dispatch of assistance or ambulance service if required in case of an accident

  • It is an educational tool which promotes better driving

  • Access to information about personal driving habits via online portal or mobile app

  • Up to 65% no claims discount, over and above the MotorMax discount

How to Save €€€

Upon enrolment in the scheme you will receive a one-time enrolment discount that will be applicable until the end of your Assessment Period.

Safe drivers can earn a discount of up to 25% on their premium at renewal.

What driving habits can lead to a discounted premium?

  • Driving within the legal speed limits

  • Low mileage

  • Not driving the car during the night (between 0:00 and 4:59am)

You can view the information collected from your device via an online portal and a mobile app.
This information helps you to manage your insurance costs. This data can only be viewed by you.

The discount given by the company is not static and is subject to change upon renewal of your policy.

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